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A social casino game that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere

This is a board game developed by Nexnet. It includes social casino games such as Go, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Hold'em, as well as various classic and video slots.

You can easily enjoy various types of social casino games through your mobile device.

Starting with the domestic opening in November 2021, we are currently preparing a new service with a global target after a stabilization period.


From classic slots to various themed slots to spectacular video slots!

It is a slot game developed by Nexnet and boasts the best quality with spectacular directing and sound effects.
SUPERNEX supports PC web and mobile web so you can enjoy slot games anytime, anywhere.
After the domestic opening in January 2022, various high-quality new slots are constantly being developed and updated.

Texas Hold'em is widely known and played all over the world.

A game called Wonderpot with the theme of Texas Hold'em was launched globally on May 18, 2022.
The game is currently available on Google, Apple, One Store (South Korea), and Steam.
Supports 5 languages: Korean, English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional) and Japanese

Texas Hold'em game which was made according to International Standard Hold'em Rules (TDA)

One-handed play in portrait mode
Supports various modes such as cash game, tournament, sit-and-go, straddle, and short deck.
Multi-table function support for simultaneous participation in up to 4 tournaments.